Welcome to RAF Transport Command Memorial online. We will be a permanent flying memorial to Transport Command.


Dakotair will operate a veteran Dakota Aircraft and certify it to carry passengers. This will allow the public to be very much involved with the memorial - through a number of experiences, ranging from 20 minute pleasure flights, London sightseeing trips, Normandy battlefield fights and tours, and even formation experiences with WW2 fighters including the mighty Spitfire.

Proceeds from these flights will go towards the running costs of the aircraft, and enable it to appear at air shows and take veterans back to Normandy and Arnhem for the 70th anniversary free of charge. In time, we will plan to have a permanent fixed memorial erected with a list of casualties.


At RAFTransportCommandMemorial.com you will find out about the Dakotair project. It features the history; a range of media & up-to-date information charting our collective progress through our Twitter, Facebook & YouTube channels.


"Overlord" - Bazenville, Normandy, France (June 1944) A casualty from the fighting in Normandy is loaded from an Army ambulance into one of the Douglas Dakota Mark IIIs of No. 46 Group at B2/ Bazenville, Normandy, for evacuation to the United Kingdom.


Through this online resource you can support this valiant project by "Sponsoring a Rivet" or by joining the Dakotair Supporters' Club. These schemes are in place to help you help us take this Dakotair project off the ground and your kind donations are always appreciated!


Visit our Online Shop to get some unique Dakota memorabilia which also contributes to funding the project and realising the RAF Transport Command Memorial.


In our Media Gallery, we have collected a range of material to give an idea of the vital role of the RAF Transport Command as well as videos and pictures of the Dakota DC-3 in service today.


525 Squadron - Lyneham, England

525 Squadron - Lyneham, England(1944) A line up of 525 Squadron with one of their Dakota III's


The RAF Transport Command Memorial has been setup to honour their role in missions across the world from its inception in 1943. Your support of the project would be a valuable contribution towards our efforts to restore the Dakota DC-3 and paying tribute to those service men and women.

So explore the history and the future and support the project.